It Doesn’t Matter


From Thairath, September 8, 2015
Caption: Do it… if it makes you feel happy… satisfaction
On the bucket: Section 44
PM Prayuth is thinking: The country will move forward; The Thai economy will get better
The lizard: There will be no boycott from foreign countries.
Mouse man: Unable to detach love, erase admiration from people’s hearts.
Mouse: A big power.

[The cartoonist heaps ridicule on the junta for using its absolute power under Section 44 to finally strip Thaksin of his rank. It contends it is a pointless distraction that does nothing to help the country nor prevent people from loving Thaksin.
The entire timeline of the stripping of Thaksin’s rank was a debacle for the junta and exposed the limits of its power despite its supposed “absolute power.”
Even after Thaksin publicly accused the Privy Council (and by extension, the monarchy) of ordering the overthrow of first him, and then his sister Yingluck, the junta was unable to force the police to strip Thaksin of his rank.
The police chief instead began lobbying on behalf of one of Thaksin’s pet issues, legalizing gambling, while drawing out the process of stripping Thaksin’s rank for months.]

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