“Bigger Angkor Wat” replica in India project revived


[This is same “bigger Angkor Wat” copy that was first proposed in 2012, but now with a different name.]

2012: Angkor Wat temple replica to rise on banks of the Ganges
2012: Indian copy of Angkor Wat to be bigger than the real thing
2012: India: Replica of Angkor Wat Temple will not be constructed

But now it is back:

India is building the world’s biggest temple—even bigger than Angkor Wat – qz.com, May 21, 2015
…Expected to be complete by 2023, Angkor’s new-age rival will be owned by a private trust—the Mahavir Mandir Trust—that plans to spend Rs500 crore ($78 million) to build the temple in the East Champaran district of Bihar. The eastern state is one of the poorest in India: In 2014, per capita income in Bihar stood at Rs31,229($490), compared to the national average of Rs74,380($1,167).
…The project was first proposed in 2012 by the Mahavir Mandir Trust—which also runs four hospitals in Bihar—as the Virat Angkor Wat Ram Mandir but later changed names after objection from Cambodia…


Above and below: Site plans of the temple:


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