In Thai schools, a drill sergeant’s dream of regimentation prevails

In Thailand’s Schools, Vestiges of Military Rule – NYT, May 29, 2013
…”In Thai schools, a drill sergeant’s dream of regimentation rooted in the military dictatorships of the past, discipline and enforced deference prevail.
…A former judge who was trained as a lawyer at George Washington University, [Education Minister] Mr. Phongthep said that encouraging students to form opinions and debate would be good for democracy in a country that has had numerous stumbles on its eight-decade journey out of absolute monarchy.
… In the case of the dress code, there are already signs that administrators might balk. Mr. Arun, the vice principal and strict disciplinarian, is considering flouting the new rules himself if they are too lenient. He and others say that maintaining discipline is essential to combat the social ills convulsing young people in Thailand — drugs, teenage pregnancy and gang fights…

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