Illegal Entry or Overstay?

Thousands for foreigners charged for illegally entering country – The Nation, October 25, 2015
More than 9,000 foreigners were busted for illegally entering the country – four of them wanted by Interpol – during a weeklong police crackdown that finished Sunday…

[What The Nation actually means is that this was a roundup of people who entered legally, but who eventually overstayed their visas. The charge for this is something like “illegally being in the country” which the reporter misconstrues as “illegal entry.”
The Bangkok Post correctly reports that this was simply one of the periodic crackdowns on overstays by Africans, Indians and Bangladeshis.]

Tough new overstay rules go before PM – Bangkok Post, October 25, 2015
…The nationwide operation, which was launched on Monday and ended Sunday, rounded up 9,265 foreigners. Of the total, 9,038 people were charged with violating the Immigration Act by overstaying their visas, 18 were charged with committing criminal offences and 209 others had committed petty offences…

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