If Suthep fails…

From Manager, April 10, 2014
Where will Suthep’s magic end? [Suthep Thuagsuban is secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, the most powerful anti-Thaksin group so far.]
Left: I want to transform to Kamnan with millions of people following me. [Kamnan is a head of a sub-district. Suthep started his political career as a Kamnan in his hometown, Suratthani Province.]
Middle: I want to transform to a sovereign state… with authority to appoint the premier and parliament…
[This refers to Suthep’s announcement that he would personally seize sovereignty of the country to initiate the process of appointing a new government.
At right, at the top is Suthep as a god if he accomplishes his goal; at the bottom if he does not–because he will become a convicted prisoner of the present state if he fails to overthrow the government.]

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