I can’t breathe–in Thailand

From Thairath, June 2, 2020
Title: From the U.S. to Thailand
On book held by PM Prayuth: The borrower from the Chao Phraya River
On PM Prayuth’s shirt: State emergency
Man: I can’t breathe.
On his shirt: People
Paper in font of him: Business bankrupt. Jobless. No income. Suicide.
Phi Nooring: Compel them to die.
Mouse: Don’t be too cruel.

[Refers to the allegations that the government is taking advantage of COVID-19 period to lessen people’s freedoms and spend massive amounts of money. Such budget-busting spending is essential for the stability of any government and current government is accused of using its powers to push through spending with inadequate oversight.
The cartoonist equates the plight of common Thai people with that of George Floyd, who appeared to have been murdered while being restrained by police in the U.S. “Borrower from the Chao Phraya River” we think is a sort of alias implying the location of a person or indicating where a person comes from (i.e. Bangkok).]

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