How Thais Can Obtain A UK Fiancee Visa

Thais planning to get married and settle in the United Kingdom should acquire the UK fiancee visa Thailand. This should not be confused with the marriage visitor visa for it only caters to couples who are not UK citizens, but want to tie the knot inside the country.

To be able to secure the approval, the involved couple should be legally free to marry. Divorcees and widowers are also eligible for this visa as long as they can demonstrate that there are no legal impediments that would prevent them from marrying again. In this case, they should prepare their divorce or annulment papers. If their spouse is already deceased, a death certificate is needed.

Another thing that couples should demonstrate is their genuine and authentic relationship. Given this aspect at hand, applicants are required to meet their petitioners personally prior to lodging an application. In addition, they need to present proofs that the actual meeting took place. Nowadays, the introduction of social networking sites paved way for online dating and relationships, which are also used to easily enter the United Kingdom. There are many instances where the relationship was simply used as an excuse to get away with immigration laws. This is something that a personal meeting prevents.

On the other hand, when it comes to showing sufficient finances, such burden of proof is shifted to the sponsor. Thai applicants no longer need to worry about their aspect as long as their loved ones have enough means to cover all their expenses without resorting to public funds for support. Aside from that, the sponsor or petitioner must also show sufficient accommodation. There should be enough room for the applicant for this also cannot be asked from public funds.

Couples should wait until their visa application is approved before getting married. Should they get married long even before the visa is approved, they can be denied, or if already approved, the visa can be cancelled. Meanwhile, approved applicants should get married in UK within six (6) months. After their marriage, they need to satisfy the 2-year requirement before they are issued with an indefinite leave to remain.

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