Holiday Killing 101: Checklist for Thai Authorities

Holiday Killing 101: Checklist for Thai Authorities – Asia Sentinel, October 1, 2014
…Crime scene? Let’s all have a look: Even the most novice gumshoe knows that when it comes to investigating a crime, two heads are better than one. And the heads of everybody around wearing a uniform as well as some guys who don’t have any actual status, but want to have a look-see, well that’s even better. “Contamination” is such an ugly word – let’s call it “scene enhancement”.
Blame the victim: Thai culture’s glorious roots date back generations and for years we have celebrated and upheld the virtues of modesty at all times and even get a kick out of that mask dancing you see sometimes at temple fairs. Unfortunately foreigners do not share these traits and as such they often fall afoul of the cultural tenets we hold so dear. It is important to consider these failings when explaining the incident at hand.
Blame it on other foreigners: As a senior policeman noted in a report filed by the BBC’s Jonathan Head, no Thai would ever commit a crime like that one on Koh Tao. While our country is not crime free, no Thai would ever commit heinous offences that would put you off your morning rice congee upon reading of them…

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