Thai Officials and the Curse of the Illegal Hunt

Police inspector ‘was part of hunting party’ – The Nation, February 13, 2013

[The significance of this? High officials caught going on illegal hunting trips have been a staple of the Thai political scene for decades.
Juntas in the 1970s were repeatedly discredited by the disclosure of hunts–often by helicopter. The post-1990 coup junta was also embroiled in such scandals along with shock over the use of military aircraft to take army family and friends sightseeing. Knowing this, it is strange that officials still would dare to engage in anything that could be considered an illegal hunt.
However, considering the stranglehold on the wheels of justice that a sitting government has–and the very political and partisan way both the present and previous governments used the system to eliminate and punish the opposition–there is almost certainly a carefully considered political angle involved in tarnishing Thirayuth with this charge.]

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