From Thairath, June 30, 2016
Title: Heil! Indicator… of the NCPO’s standard is coming
Suthep: Preedddd.. [the sound of a whistle]
Documents held by Suthep: Whatever they [the junta] do, they’re not wrong.
Papers on the floor from left to right: Democracy, promote [an opinion] on the referendum, freedom and human rights
Paper in military hand: Fight fraud in the referendum
Phi Nooring: Why do you have to be afraid of the students?
A mouse: No cheat, no fall

[Refers to the recent activities of Suthep Thaugsuban, the leader of the anti-Yingluck government group the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). He announced his support for the draft constitution contending that it is the most suitable for the current situation in Thailand. Suthep has been criticized by anti-junta groups as a military supporter.
Since the junta took power, there are have been nany student activists have been arrested while trying to conduct political activities against the junta.
The cartoon warns that if the junta is confident about their transparency and doing good things as they promise, then there is no need to halt the students’ activities.]

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