Going after Thaksin to cover up the crisis

From Thairath, March 17, 2017
Title: With the power of law to order… arrest… squeeze… seize as they wish!
On paper held by PM Prayuth: Squeezing taxes, but not breaking or defaming anyone
On the book held by government financial advisor Wissanu: Laws determined on whatever I want [meaning the government is making laws only to harass Thaksin]
On the bag held by a man with glasses: Squeezing Shin Corp’s taxes
Signs below Thaksin’s picture at right (top to bottom):
Sign for a wife to buy the land legally… wrongdoing and jail 2 years? [refers to the main legal case that caused Thaksin to flee the country–a land transfer case involving his wife]
Seize the assets of 46,000 million [refers to the seizure of at least half of Thaksin’s assets by a court ruling in 2010; the Red Shirt siege of Bangkok followed this seizure]
Withdraw passports [refers to the seizures of Thaksin’s Thai passports when governments opposed to him held power; when governments directed by him were in power, his passports were restored]
Strip police titles [refers to the junta stripping Thaksin of his police rank after the police hierarchy (known to be supportive of Thaksin) refused]
Phi Nooring: Wake up Thaksin’s ghost to cover up the crisis.
Mouse: Please stop the revenge!

[This cartoon contends that the junta is cruelly and unjustly making laws to get additional taxes from Thaksin in order to cover up the economic and political crisis which the junta is supposedly facing.
The underlying idea here is a potent one in the Thai world–fairness. Here expressed as Thaksin being treated unfairly by those now in power.]

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