Go to the polls to protect democracy

From Thairath, February 1, 2014
Cartoon title: On February 2, go [to the polls] to protect democracy
On the hooded figure’s robe: 100 dead bodies
Above the hooded figure: Boycott; incite; obstruct + rob… the people’s rights, but going to protect his own rights
Man blowing whistle is leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, Suthep Thuagsuban
On paper on the floor: Obstruct, overturn the election
Phi Nooring: Don’t step over the Kamnan’s head [Kamnan is the head of a subdistrict. Suthep began his political career as a Kamnan.]
Mouse: Election, return power to the people
[The woman putting a ticket into the ballot box and holding a light is Phijarinee Rattanachamnong, a 50 year-old woman who tried to get through a group of anti-election protesters to exercise her right to vote on the pre-election date of January 26. She is lauded as a hero by Red Shirts.]

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