Ghost of the Constitution


From Arun, October 15, 2015
Mae Nak’s son, Version 20 [of the constitution] in 2558 [2015]

[It compares the new constitution drafting with the famous ghost story ‘Mae Nak.’ This story has been reproduced several times as movies and TV dramas. Similarly, the draft constitution has been rewritten by several groups.
This cartoon shows one scene where Mae Nak, the female ghost, holds her baby while waiting for her husband to return. Here, Mae Nak’s face is that of Meechai Ruchupan, the head of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC). The child’s head is the top part of Democracy Monument, a tray that the charter is placed upon. This is used to represent the Thai constitution. The cartoon implies the this charter drafting is yet another version of an old ghost story.]

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