Getting pulled into jail


From Manager, May 24, 2016
Announcer: Tammy [nickname for Dhammakaya temple’s abbot Dhammachayo] is getting weak… and pulled back to closely to the door. But for Yingluck, I don’t know how she gets her power, she is moving far away. She is so strong.
Signs on the cages: Prison
Caption: This game will be exciting for the whole year.

[This cartoon illustrates how both Yingluck and Dhammachayo are under threat from legal cases that could end up in prison time.
Such high and connected figures are usually immune from these sorts of cases–particularly in a time of democratic governments when all movers and shakers have reason to cooperate to make the most of their posts.
Only the military in a coup period has the clout and sheer force to make sure these cases are applied to top figures. Justice, of course, is a secondary consideration. It is ultimately about the overall battle to make sure the political world knows that Thaksin is being pinned down as top allies and symbols of his rule are hampered legally.
Thai-language articles about these events often have “hostage” in the title to illustrate that these high profile cases are actually political hostages being used against Thaksin and his political provocations.
“Tammy” is a nickname used by the media to refer to Dhammakaya temple’s abbot Dhammachayo. It plays with the sound of a pronunciation of his name “Dhamma” which sounds similar to “Tammy” (or actually more closely to “Tamma”). Dhammachayo always uses the polite feminine closing word at the end of a sentences–“naja” and thus is mocked by the media with a female nickname.]

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