Get killed in Thailand? Your relatives will have to pay bribes to the police

Caring Gosport woman killed while on a retreat in Thailand –, November 7, 2014
…Mr Breckon told coroner David Horsley of the ‘blood agreement’ the Thai police asked him and the father of the driver to make after he arrived in the country. Both sides had to pay money to the police.
He said: ‘We tried to keep track of what happened to the youth.
‘They call it ‘local custom’ but we might call what happened “corruption”.
‘We understand that the father paid a considerable sum to the authorities.
‘We agreed a blood agreement where the next of kin pays a certain amount.
‘We did not want to do that, but unless both parties did, her body would not be released for repatriation.
‘We understand the police then went back to the other family and asked for more money. We understand certain payments were made and he was released with a caution…’

The holiday paradise killing young Aussie travellers –, November 6, 2014
[This article combines the Aussie media tradition of hyping the dangers of the world outside of Australia with pressure over the post-coup state of politics in Thailand.]
…Head of the European Union delegation in Thailand David Lipman said there was widespread concern within the diplomatic community over safety issues, and he did not believe the situation was improving. He also warned about numerous rackets perpetrated against tourists, often involving jet-skis and motorbikes and conducted with the complicity of local police: “We expect proper behaviour from public officials.”
Australia’s recently retired Honorary Consul, the outspoken Larry Cunningham, said more than 50 Australians a year were dying on the island of Phuket alone, with scams and criminality increasing to such an extent that expatriates wanted to leave. Young travellers, particularly “schoolies”, were being targeted by gangs and local police…

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