From Red Shirts to Green Shirts

From Manager, November 18, 2018
Left caption: The past color
Jatuporn says: Thailand must go red all the land!
Center caption: The present color
Jatuporn says: Thailand must go red and green all the land!
Right caption: The future color
Jatuporn says: Thailand must go green all the land! [supposedly meaning he is becoming pro-military]

[This notes the apparently more conciliatory tone from Red Shirt firebrand leader Jatuporn since his release from prison.
Upon his release he asked all sides to join hands in finding a way out of the cycle of coups and disputed elections (“Let’s fix it before there is bloodshed. Don’t let there be bloodshed before fixing it”). He even admitted to meeting and discussing the situation with Yellow Shirt leader Sondhi.
Jatuporn’s conciliatory tone raised eyebrows as he was always the most vocal and defiant of the Red Shirts and his statements were among the most extreme in calling for people to rise up in anger.]

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