From MICT: Corruption and Confession

Below is another cartoon from the LINE account of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. This cartoon is about corruption, an ever-present concern in the Thai world. The context of this lesson from MICT is the idea that, most Thais, while decrying corrupt behavior in others, find it reasonable to engage in corruption themselves when they have an opportunity.

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Title: The story of “Sticker”
1st: I have told many of my stories…
2nd: There is one story I have never told anybody.
Because it’s not a good story…
3rd: [pink] But today… I want to talk about… want to confess that what I did was (a very) bad thing!
Sticker: The bad thing I did I will remember my whole life.


1st: [pink] What I used to criticize others for when I heard they did it…
What destroyed the country, but when it was my turn, I did it!
[blue] You can judge or blame me, but please listen to the story first.
2nd [orange] Try to listen to my story. It may be a lesson for others not to do the same thing like me.
[yellow] …for our country to be developed.
3rd: [pink] Now you’re curious, aren’t you? What I did was related to the development of the country.
Sticker: I will tell you…
4th: It happened last year. At that time, I loved collecting dolls.


1st: I collected all dolls. Whichever is beautiful, I would collect the money and spent all of it for buying dolls.
2nd: I loved dolls a lot because I liked to play with them and created storied about them.
[bottom] I liked it a lot because I loved to tell a story.
3rd: But it also had a bad side…
Mom: Sticker, I think you spent too much money buying dolls. I think you should save money.
4th: The event happened when I went to a doll shop at the mall. There were prince and princess dolls which were very beautiful.
[bottom] but they’re very expensive.
Sticker: I want it!


1st: My savings were only five hundred baht… and I wanted to ask my mom for more money, but I was afraid she might be angery.
Mom: What, Sticker?
Sticker: Nothing, mom.
2nd: When I went to school, I couldn’t concentrate, but only thought about the dolls.
3rd: Until one day… there was an opportunity for me.
On the board: Volunteer
4th: Teacher Santi asked us to help with volunteer work.
Teacher Santi: Tomorrow is a holiday. I want you who are free to help do fund raising for buying goods for an orphanage which is located close to our school. Those who are free please join in.


1st: People who are interested can write down their name here. Tomorrow, we will take you to the mall for fund raising.
2nd: Every time, when there is volunteer work, our class would not miss it. We would hold our hands to join and write down our names.
3rd: Next day, we had a name tag on our shirt and hold a donation box to ask for donations in front of a popular mall.
4th: Thank you.


1st: Mostly people would donate ten or twenty baht. Someone may donate more than a hundred baht.
2nd: This was until the afternoon when everyone took a break. Then there were two foreigners who came to me and gave me two thousand.
3rd: They wanted me to put it in the donation box, but they immediately left for the Skytrain before I put the money in the box.
4th : Only me with two thousand baht… two of thousand banknotes in my hand and a donation box… I was standing there alone.


1st: Then, you can guess what was the wrong thing I did.
2nd: At that time, I only thought about the dolls and when looked for my friends and teacher, no one was there. No one saw it…
[bottom] I put the two thousand baht in my pocket..!
3rd: Later, the teacher and my friends came back.
Teacher Santi: How are things, hard worker? You didn’t tke a break to eat anything.
Sticker: It’s ok. I will eat with my mom when I go back home.
4th: [bottom] I kept talking with the teacher and friends as normal, but inside I still thought about the money in my pocket.
Teacher Santi: Are there a lot of people donating?
Sticker: Yes, there are several of them.
Boy: Teacher, Sticker collected more money than me.


1st: Not too much later, my mom picked me up in front of the mall. She might have thought I was too tired from raising the donations because I didn’t say anything until arriving home.
2nd: Wichit [Sticker’s friend] sent a message to Sticker that when they went back to school, everyone took money out from the boxes and counted. The total was…
On the telephone: 38,000 baht in total
3rd: Sticker was at home and looked at the money, two thousand baht, on the table. The money that she got through corruption from others…
Above the money: Corrupted money
4th: The real total is forty thousand baht.
[bottom] Sticker’s thinking… at that time.


1st: That night, Sticker didn’t feel good. She looked at the dolls in her room and thought that tomorrow she will spend the money for buying the dolls and may forget this kind of feeling.
3rd: The next day was Sunday. Sticker asked her mom to go to the mall and went straight to the doll shop.
4th: Do you want to know what happens after this?


1st: Moving to the situation at school. The next day, Monday morning.
3rd: Sticker to her teacher: Mr. Santi, may I talk with you for a second?
Mr. Santi: What do you want to talk with me about, Sticker?
4th: Teacher, have you donated the money to the orphanage yet?


1st: Mr. Santi: Not yet. Now I’m preparing documents and maybe in the afternoon will send to them. Why?
Sticker: Ummm…
2nd: There is two thousand left…
3rd: At the teacher’s room… Sticker told everything to the teacher
Mr. Santi: Then, what happened at the doll shop?
4th: When the shop owner put the dolls in front of me, I was shaking without knowing any reason.
[bottom] I didn’t feel good.


1st: Sticker: I’m so sorry. I changed my mind. I’m not gonna take it.
A shop owner: Really…
Sticker: I’m so sorry.
A shop owner: It’s ok.
2nd: Sticker left the shop and didn’t know what to do.
[bottom] She cried at the corner… before going back home.
3rd: So, this morning I came here to see you.
4th: I did the real bad thing and you can punish me.


1st: Mr. Santi kept quiet for a while before telling Sticker that…
2nd: I’m glad that you feel sorry and confessed to me.
3rd: I want to tell you that to accept your wrong doing is not an easy thing which everyone can do. I want you to be proud because not everyone can do this.
4th: Thanks Sticker for telling the story to me and for bring ready to be punished… But I won’t punish you and inform people. I think you’ve already been punished. I will inform your parents…


1st: It’s ok, teacher. I’m ready to be punished for my wrong doing. I have to say I’m sorry to you again.
2nd: Before Sticker left the teacher’s room…
Teacher Santi: Wait, Sticker…
3rd: Does Sticker remember what I taught you about Thailand’s political history?
4th: Mr. Santi: When I talked about corruption in Thai politics, everyone, including Sticker, agreed that corruption was not good.
Sticker: Yes, I remember.


1st: I want to tell you that what you did this time is like what some political science people are trying to say. We may accuse someone of being bad or corrupt. Yet, once we are in the position where we can be corrupt, but we don’t do it nor take advantage from it like those we criticize, then our country will move forward. This is because money and power can attract anyone to be corrupt.
2nd: I don’t punish you this time because I think you feel ashamed and only people who have good care from a family will have this kind of feeling. This is what our country needs right now…
3rd: And I’m praising you that you’re brave enough to talk with me like this today.
4th: Thank you, teacher.


1st: The teacher told my parents about this and at night, they asked me that…
Parent: Sticker, how do you want me to punish you?
2nd: I have an idea. If it’s ok with you, dad, I want…
3rd: Sticker breaks off from the story and says: It ends. I’m very ashamed that I told you my bad story.
4th: After you read this, don’t be mad or hate me. What? You want to hear more about how I was punished?


1st: Try to guess… I think some of you may get it right. If you can’t, I will tell you…
2nd: Two or three day after that, there was a big box sent to the orphanage.
On a sign: Orphanage
3rd: When the staff of the orphanage opened it, everyone smiled with surprise… because things in the box made the children happy.
4th: What made them surprised was there was nothing mentioned about a sender or donor.


1st: Only had a small card inside the box
On the card: Wishing everyone to be happy playing with dolls.
2nd: The children in the orphanage were happy playing with those beautiful dolls.
3rd: And I’m also happy to donate all my dolls to the children.
4th: Even though I may feel regret, but it’s ok.


1st: Now I don’t use a doll for making up a story.
2nd: I try to write the story on the paper which is safer.
3rd: And this is the end!
4th: Let’s try to…


1st: …win against the bad behavior inside ourselves
2nd: …for the common interest
3rd: for Thailand to be better!
4th: Sawadee.
[In Thai, to say Sawadee at the end sometimes means “thank you.” In the story, Sticker uses her name to refer to herself rather than the word ‘I’ which some Thai people do. However, to make it easier to read, the word “I” is used instead of her name in many places.]

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