Toad Left Out for the Good of Government

From Post Today, October 26, 2012
Cartoon title: The person who sacrifices.

[The crab represents Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra as ‘crab’ in Thai is ‘Poo’ which is also her nickname. Under the chair is the cabinet. Out in the rain is Red Shirt leader Jatuporn who was left out of the cabinet reshuffle as the government seeks to reorganize itself without controversial or radical figures that might distract from its mission and jeopardize its longevity.]

From Komchadluek, October 29, 2012
The sign reads: Minister

[Jatuporn is a Red Shirt leader who was expected to be rewarded with a job in the cabinet, but was left out. Jatuporn Promphan’s opponents nickname him “toad.”]

From Komchadluek, October 29, 2012
Cartoon title: The five-step plan to bring the government down.
Over the woman: Yingluck
Over the toad: Jatuporn

[The toad refers to Jatuporn Promphan who was left out of the second cabinet reshuffle. Here it implies that his presence in the government, as a firebrand Red Shirt leader facing charges in the sieges of Bangkok in 2009 and 2010, would open the government to legal problems and distractions.]

From Manager, October 30, 2012
Caption: After the cabinet reshuffle, two kinds of animals are forced to be vegetarian.
On the can: Canned water chestnut [updated from “truffles” – thanks to Vinai for pointing out this error]

[Picture of the man on the can is former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The toad is Jatuporn Promphan who is disappointed about not getting a job in the cabinet, while the duck refers to Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Ubumrung who was disappointed by not getting the Interior Minister post.
While Chalerm is a fearless debater and defender of controversial government positions, there is suspicions about his ultimate loyalty to Thaksin.
“Chestnut” in Thai is “haew.” “Eat chestnut” or “Kin haew” is a Thai saying meaning to be disappointed.]

From Manager, October 26, 2012
Caption: Repeatedly disappointing vanity fair [meaning something like a person wishes to climb up a social ladder, but is disappointed repeatedly]
Left: I’ve heard that our Big Bro is disappointed again.
Right: Lower your voice… he’d overhear us!!!

[The buffalo is a disparaging way to refer to a stupid person. Here, the red buffaloes refer to Red Shirt supporters. The toad on the buffalo’s back is Jatuporn Promphan and the implication is that he owes his prominence to Red Shirt support. He is dressed in formal government as if he is assuming a post, but he was left out of the reshuffle and is hence disappointed.]

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