Former media mouthpiece turns on TRT?

Former media mouthpiece turns on TRT? - March 25, 2004
Wisarut reports:
Even Manager Daily, which used to be a mouthpiece of propaganda for Thai Rak Thai, have warned Premier Thaksin and the cabinet that:
(translated and summarized by Wisarut Bholsithi from an editorial in Manager Daily, March 25, 2004) His Majesty has pointed out the new forms of corruption through the message "CEO-Style corruption" and "The richer of the billionaire, the more corrupt they are!"
Premier Thaksin and his cronies will be expected to suffer punishment from heaven unless they can clarify the following issues:
1) the privatization of EGAT
2) Bird flu
3) the controversial Laem Phak Bia Project
4) The Detroit of the East Plan while they are claiming to expand mass transit projects
4) The integration of Mass Transit System through nationalization while bullying private companies that won the concessions to sell back to the government at very cheap prices before offering an IPO.
The most blatant example of this kind of bullying is that "If BTSC and BMCL refuse to sell the shares to the government at favorable prices, no extensions allowed!"
Thai Rak Thai have played with the sufferings of Bangkokians from the traffic jam so that those government could come up with alternatives in favor of their cronies (e.g. bus rapid transit, expressways striking through communities while the cronies prosper from the local people's sufferings).
This kind of action reveals that those cronies of premier Thaksin want to silently kill BTSC and BMCL in the same way they killed the Lavalin project even though the government is supposed to help companies to stay alive and well so that they can make money to pay for the concessions.
[Note that has been reporting on the political vendettas that have halted the Skytrain extensions since September 2002, but the English-language press has never mentioned this at all.]

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