Foreign Lessons for Thailand: Disband the Police & the President Who Ate His Country


Lesson for Thailand: Mexico president seeks to dissolve local police forces – AFP, November 28, 2014
…”Society has raised its voice to say enough is enough,” Pena Nieto said, echoing the anger of Mexicans who have joined a wave of protests over a case that has highlighted the country’s struggle with police corruption.
…He said the measures also include the dissolution of the country’s 1,800 municipal police forces, “which can easily be corrupted by criminals.”
Police duties would be taken over by state agencies in the country’s 32 regions. Mexican governments have previously toyed with the idea of dissolving local police…


President Erdogan fulfilled Thaksin’s dream: The President Who Ate Turkey – Politico, November 278, 2014
[There are some astonishing parallels with Thaksin…]
…Erdogan encouraged big businesses that wanted lucrative government contracts—mostly in construction—to buy up media outlets, and, in return for good coverage of the government, the lira would flow. Those who refused to play the game were hounded, sued and fined, often exorbitant amounts.
…This is not to downplay Erdogan’s achievements. He has certainly broadened Turkish politics to include classes that the previous elite had little interest in, and provided them with health care, better infrastructure and improved transportation. Turks have also felt wealthier since the AKP came to power, thanks to economic growth and the availability of consumer credit…
But Erdogan has rolled back many of these liberalizing changes, using the state at his command to crack down on dissent, intimidate his opponents and—perhaps above all—enrich and empower himself…

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