Fight then fertilize

From Matichon Weekly, September 14-20, 2018
Title: Fighting fishes and “Politicians”
First: When you put in the block, each one is living in their way, peaceful.
On the block paper: Coup d’etat
Second: When you take the block out, each are fighting.
Third: When they are put together…
Fourth: …each tries fertilizing.

[This is a good representation of many Thais’ attitudes towards politicians.
As conflict and protest is seen as a shameful stain on society, a coup is often welcomed as putting the brakes on pointless political bickering.
After several years of junta rule without open politicking, some are dreading the day when the regional kingpins and billionaires that make up Thai politicians are allowed to fight for power once again–especially as all the same main issues from past years (a new constitution and amnesty) are already at the top of many parties’ agenda.
Finally, the cartoonist jokes that political parties that were once bitter enemies will merge and cooperate in gaining the spoils of the nation when it suits them.
This is similar to the sucking up of politicians which seems emphasize the venality of politicians who only seek to hold power.]

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