Fight for the leadership

From Daily News, March 16, 2018
Caption: Final bend… before election. [something like “the final bend on the road” meaning the final big event or thing to happen]
Thaksin’s son Oak: Break it up now…
On the chair: Party leader
On the tag: Pheu Thai

[Refers to the ongoing tussles to decide who will head the Pheu Thai Party. The party is likely to be a major winner in the next election, but is implacably opposed by the military for its continual role in attempting to return Thaksin to power.
Thaksin’s son Oak has functioned more and more as his father’s representative within the country (his Facebook page servers as a semi-official mouthpiece for opinions and PR on Thaksin) and it is thought that he is firmly in the center of the leadership tussle for party head.]

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