Fear of covid and the govt vaccines

From Thairath, May 27, 2021
Dr. Taweesin on TV at left: People increasingly are infected everyday. New variants become outbreaks.
On the TV on the left: CCSA
PM Prayuth on TV at right: Encourage Thai people to get COVID vaccines as much as possible. This should be the ‘national agenda’
People in the back row: Afraid of a virus to transfer to a new variant; No rights to choose [the vaccine], Only two vaccines can be used [referring to the government stranglehold on vaccine procurement]; Afraid of the side effects causing to die
People in the front row: Afraid of Covid infection and dying at home; The government fails to manage the vaccine [meaning production is slow]; Vaccines are not insufficient.
Phi Nooring: Taking a benefit from the vaccine
Mouse: Excited everyday

[Refers to the vaccine crisis in the country after the government is trying to encourage people to be vaccinated. Amid people’s distrust about China’s Sinovac vaccine, this cartoon illustrates that while people are afraid of rapid increase of COVID-19 outbreak daily reported by the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), they are also mad about having no choice in the vaccine they receive.]

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