False Removal of the PM

From Thairath, March 15, 2013
Cartoon title: Confession
On framed picture: Chim Pai, Bon Pai [A TV cooking show hosted by the late former prime minister Samak Sunthornravej, the man in the picture. He was sued and eventually convicted for breaching a law stating that a politician must not engage in any other business while PM as well as for falsifying documents to cover us this fact.]
Paper on the right wall: Cooking [PM] was unseated, being a traitor [PM] was released. [meaning Samak was disqualified and Abhisit, accused by the Red Shirts of murder, walks free]
Man: I’m wrong [The man is a member of the Election Committee, Praphan Naikowit, in charge of election management. UPDATE: as a reader comments, it is likely the man is actually Constitution Court President, Wasan Soipisuth.]
Paper in Mr. Praphan’s hands: Sloppily judging
Papers on the floor from left: Sometime getting things done carelessly; some complaints accepted are against the constitution law; dissolve political parties
Phi Nooring: His nerve works very slowly.
Man mouse: Fake judicial development
[This refers to the the anger regarding the possible disqualified of PM Yingluck over breaches of election law.]

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