Fake monks harass New York City tourists

Fake monks? Buddhist leaders warn NYC tourists to be wary – AP, June 27, 2016
[The CBS reporter (below) correctly reports that the monks claim to be collecting for a temple in Taiwan. The AP article reports that the temple is in Thailand.]
…Men in orange robes claiming to be Buddhist monks are approaching visitors to some of the city’s most popular attractions, handing them shiny medallions and offering greetings of peace. They then hit them up for donations to help them build a temple in Thailand, and are persistent if their demands are refused.
…The Associated Press tried to ask more than half-dozen of the men about their background and the temple they said the donations were being used to support. Each claimed to be a Buddhist monk collecting money for a temple in Thailand, but none could give its name or say where exactly it is located. All the men refused to give their names and ran off when pressed for answers…

Hassling By Fake Buddhist Monks On High Line Has Grown Worse, Vendors Say – CBS, June 27, 2016
…The purported monks’ ruse is to approach people with a gold medallion of peace, then offer a beaded bracelet. In return, they ask for donations — $5, $10, or $2. One monk claimed the donation would be put toward a temple in Taiwan…

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