Everything is a Model
อะไร ๆ ก็เป็นโมเดล

From ThaiRath, September 10, 2011
Cartoon reads: Everything is a model. [This refers to the Thai penchant, especially during Thaksin-controlled governments, of touting “model” things, such as model communities. The joke of the cartoon is that suddenly everything is a “model.”]
Top left: Reggae concert model [referring to the rioting at a recent concert]
Top middle: Pattani model [referring to school teachers and officials having to protect themselves as they go to and from work]
Top right: Nakhon Phanom model [referring to the export of dogs for meat]
Bottom left: National Security Council model [this refers to former NSC secretary-general Thawil Pliensri being removed from his job]
Bottom middle: Ratchada casino model [what is the significance of kicking the dogs?]
Bottom right: TDRI model [Thailand Development Research Institute]. Ammar Siamwalla’s T-shirt reads: Good at bragging [This refers to the government-announced “Bang Ra Kum Model” for solving flooding.]

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