Everyone feels down when they think of Prayuth

From Thairath, September 19, 2018
Title: If you feel down… Please think about me…
PM Prayuth: When I’m feeling down… I think only about people.
On the mask: Chill chill as Loei’s style [meaning the PM was taking it easy as is the local Loei style]
On people’s shirts on the left: Feel down on violating rights; feel down about the dictator; feel down about political problems; feel down about economic problems; feel down about the difficulty of living
On a man’s shirt on the right: Feel down on destroying Voice TV
Phi Nooring: If we remember him, then we will be cheered up?
Mouse: So ironic.

[Refers to PM Prayuth’s saying during his mobile cabinet meeting in Loei province that “When I’m feeling down… I think only about people” which means something like he feels better for dedicating himself to helping people.
The cartoon ridicules this saying that the current political situation makes people sick of the junta’s power.
In the cartoon, the mask is called Phi Ta Khon and is used in the Ghost Festival in Loei province. The PM also carried durian to represent the local produce.]

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