When Big Men Sue Foreign Reporters

Escape From Thailand – CJR, September 2, 2011
…I met with at least ten lawyers, and even a couple of Thai judges, including one who wore a Hawaiian-print shirt. They understood I couldn’t afford them, but were good enough to give me their opinions—all were puzzled that the Post had put me in this situation—which tended to be, reach a settlement or leave (“You can always hop onto a truck at the Cambodia border,” one said helpfully). They reminded me I could also confess; I’d be charged and fined and probably have to apologize, but it would all be over…

[Unusual for the Thai press, the original article in question is a surprisingly direct accusation. This sort of accusation is the norm only for high profile political people, but guilty or not, within the Thai system one would assume this would be met with a legal challenge.]

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