Election posters: Looking at you

Above: Isn’t it enough? 5 years: fails to end the corruption [meaning that the military said they would end corruption during their time in power, yet in many cases seemed not to have the will to actually do it]

Above the signature: It is time for a new generation to change the country.

Under the signature: Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit Head of the Future Forward Party

Under the logo: Future Forward Party

[Anyone with a memory long enough will recall that just a few decades ago the only photos of candidates used on posters were formal and respectful graduation photos of the candidates, showing them as alumni of Chula or Thammasat or whatever.

Eventually Thaksin himself led a more modern representation, using a current photo of himself smiling and wearing a blue suit to symbolize the “CEO Prime Minister” that he purported himself to be.

This election poster of Thanathorn showing him in a black t-shirt and glaring, almost arrogantly, at the viewer is a far cry from the humble, “I-will-be-a-good-bureaucrat” posters of earlier days. It embodies the party’s “Stopping-Cleansing-Destroying” slogan as it directly challenges status of the old Thai establishment.]

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