Editorial Cartoons on the Terrorism Scare

From Thairath, January 13, 2012
The cartoon title reads: Father of Pla Boo 2… American style! [Pla Boo’s father was the one promoting the prediction of his deceased son that Bhumipol Dam would burst on new year’s eve.]
On Yingluck’s paper: Future reconstruction and national recovery
On Surapong’s suit: Foreign Affairs
Uncle Sam’s words: Announcement: Thailand is at risk of terrorism.   

From Manager, January 19, 2012
Left, the American Ambassador says: Terrorists will operate in Bangkok.
Right, PM Yingluck says: Terrorists will be ministers in the Poo 2 cabinet. [referring to Red Shirts who have prominent positions in her cabinet]

From KhaoSod, January 21, 2012
On the bomb: Terrorism

From Manager, January 18, 2012
The detained terror suspect says: We see that terrorists in this country become MPs or ministers after finishing their operations. We want to do the same.
The caption reads: The reasons for terrorist operations in Thailand
[again referring to Red Shirts who have prominent positions in her cabinet]

From Thairath, January 15, 2012
The cartoon title reads: It must be done like this. Can it be under control…?
Yingluck’s phone: Cabinet reshuffle
Yingluck’s paper: Poo 2 cabinet
Flying chairs: Minister – Deputy Minister
On the wall: Poo 1 cabinet
Left mouse: Silent bomb
Right mouse: Amend the unjust laws

From Manager, January 17, 2012
Eagle (representing the U.S.): There will be big terrorism in Bangkok.
Parrot (representing PM Yingluck): Under control… under control… under control… under control… under control…
The caption reads: An eagle threatens… …A parrot soothes
[Refers to Yingluck’s repeated refrain that all is “under control.”]

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