Draw a buffalo to threaten the tiger?


From Naewna, November 5, 2014
Title: Draw a buffalo to threaten the tiger?
Above the tiger: NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order]
On the picture: Don’t dismiss Pu [PM Yiungluck] or the country will be in trouble.

[This refers to Thai idiom “drawing a tiger to threaten the cow” meaning doing something to make people scared. In the cartoon, the idiom is reversed as the Red Shirts–represented by a buffalo–are making the threat that any efforts to retroactively impeach Yingluck will cause dissatisfaction and trigger an uprising against the junta. The cartoonist implies the fierce tiger junta will be able to handle the threats of the Red Shirts.
The tiger representing the junta refers to the Eastern Tiger military clique that rules the country now and is opposed to Thaksin rule.]

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