Drag legs to show the people

From Thairath, July 31, 2018
Title: Drag legs to show the people
The man pulling the legs is Nakorn. He says: The united of feet to destroy people.
On the legs from above to below: Investors; Officials; Democrat Party; Comedian globalization [we are not quite sure what this means, literally it is something like “comedy + global”]; Independent organization; Elite bureaucrats [these are the groups Nakorn alleges have been working together to destroy Thaksin’s influence]
Mouse man: Conspire to bring down the government derived from people. [from elections]
Mouse: Such a loser.

[Refers to former Democrat Party member Nakorn Machim who recently apologized to Thaksin and Yingluck for joining anti-Thaksin groups to destroy the influence of the deposed premier.
He disclosed a conspiratorial plan of anti-Thaksin groups to destroy Thaksin’s regime. Nakorn’s action is believed to pave his way to join the Pheu Thai Party.]

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