Don’t worry, student protesters! Thaksin sends Jatuporn & Red Shirts to the rescue!

From Thairath, April 6, 2021
Title: Take a rest, bro. I will handle it.
On Jatuporn’s back: Thais won’t accept it. People unite to overthrow Prayuth.
On students’ shirts: Ratsadon
On people’s shirts: People
Phi Nooring: Good match
Mouse: Get rid of the dictator

[This is one of the few mentions in the media supportive of Jatuporn attempting to form a new anti-government movement. It is from pro-Thaksin/Red Shirt cartoonist Sia. The cartoon shows the student protesters cheerfully saluting Jatuporn and apparently inviting him to take over the lead of their protests to confront Prayuth.
Elsewhere, the reveal of Jatuporn as the new leader of the movement was met with nearly universal ridicule–especially by those who see the issue of reform of the monarchy as the most important protest issue.]

[Below is a recap of recent political events and other perspectives. These are based on editorial cartoons which are, by their definition, opinions. However they can serve to illuminate various points that are not apparent from the bland international media coverage of events in Thailand.

December 2020: Shakeup in the Pheu Thai and Red Shirts in the government: Red Shirt pacifists?

October 2020: Initially student protesters conducted short, non-violent protests which were met with surprise in the Thai world where it is thought that only provoking violence can make a difference: Different tactics

October 2020: After a rally commemorating Thaksin’s ouster was unexpectedly taken over by anti-monarchy protesters, the Pheu Thai was hastily reorganized: Painting the Pheu Thai yellow

October 2020: If one is interested in different perspectives, this is cartoon with a defense of the monarchy as a counterbalance to dictators: Reform the monarchy following Hun Sen’s model

October 2020: The government thanking the new student protests for attacking the monarchy: Unscathed, for now…

September 2020: The student protesters did not follow Pheu Thai’s plan of attack: Hey! Wrong target!]

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