Don’t talk without thinking

From Naewna, August 17, 2018
Mouth on the left: I will solve the traffic jam within 3 months.
Mouth on the right: I will solve the traffic jam within 6 months.
Caption: Saying without thinking… obviously cut in front

[Refers to PM Prayuth announcement that he wanted Bangkok’s traffic problem solved in three months.
This comment immediately bought to mind Thaksin’s notorious boast that he would solve Bangkok’s traffic woes in six months.
The mouths are running to indicate the competition between the two. “Saying without thinking…” means the two people are bluffing when talking about how to solve traffic jams because they are only speaking to win votes without thinking about whether it will be possible.
“Obviously cut in front” means getting ahead of another person which refers to Prayuth’s boast of solving traffic in three months is even quicker than Thaksin’s promise of six months.]

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