“Don’t Forget Thaksin” Calendar


Happy New Year 2559
Left: Happy New Year 2559 to all Thai people. This year is my 10th year which I sent you my wishes from aboard even our hearts are close. I asked all Gods in this world to bring this year 2559 to be a year which you will receive all happiness as you wish for.
Best regards,
Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra

Right: I would like to convey happiness, love and cheering up to all people. Wish you success, all good things and that your wishes comes true.
Yingluck Shinawatra

[This is the New Year 2016 calendar given by Thaksin and Yingluck to their supporters in the Pheu Thai and the Red Shirts. Later, red bowls for throwing water at Songkran were also given out bearing a message from Thaksin.
The junta quickly moved to seize both the calendars and the bowls as being politically motivated activities from the deposed premiere.
These overt forays into politics was somewhat surprising considering Thaksin has attempted to portray himself as not in charge or involved in the activities of either the Pheu Thai Party or the Red Shirts. In prior months, the public and media focus had been on the junta and their denial of freedom–not on Thaksin and his continuing plots.
While Thaksin probably wants to keep a low profile until a new election date is confirmed, he also cannot remain silent. He must periodically show that is indeed in charge of the Pheu Thai and the Red Shirts or risk a sense of irrelevance that could see his political allies drift from his control.]

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