Dissolution Bomb

From Thairath, May 20, 2012
Cartoon title reads: The helper is in trouble again.
On the hooded figure’s robe: Ordering people killed
On the arm: Letting the case expire – The EC [Election Commission]
Above the bomb: Money donated by East Water
On the bomb: Dissolve the Democrat Party
Running man: Ruengkrai [Leekijwattana, a former senator] who likes to kick people out of their position
Left mouse: Release the political victims
[The Election Commission was one of the independent organizations that supposed to be a neutral referee in Thai politics. After years of assault during the Thai Rak Thai years, it ended up being instrumental in dissolving the Thai Rak Thai and People Power Parties.
This cartoon refers to the DSI gathering evidence over allegations that the Democrat Party illegally received flood-relief donations from East Water Group Plc. which could result in their disbanding. The allegations were initiated by Ruengkrai Leekijwattana.]

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