Dissenters are being hunted

From Thairath, February 17, 2018
Title: Hunters in the concrete jungle
On shirt of running man at top: People
On his sign: Want the election
On sign held by running woman: Want elections
On sign held by running man at bottom: Want elections
PM Prayuth on the right holds a sign that reads: Human rights. Thailand first.
On sign held by man behind Prayuth: Do not want the election
Mouse man: Human rights for people who think differently.
Mouse: People, not black tiger.

[This cartoon shows the apparent attitude of the military junta that seems to want to delay elections as long as possible and, in the meantime, stamping out dissent to its rule.
The cartoon references the recent apprehension of the executive of a major company allegedly hunting protected animals, including a black panther. The cartoonist likens this to the police hunting down dissenter to continued military rule.]

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