Dig happiness out of the poor


From Thairath, June 10, 2015
Title: Dig happiness out of the poor [satirizing the junta’s “bring back happiness to the people” slogan]
On a shirt of a man lying down: Labor
Words above him: Cancel the 300-baht minimum wage
Two men on the left: Farmer, Rubber farmer
On a man sitting in the chair: Civil officer
On a food he is holding: Salary increases
On plate held by Prayuth: Welfare
Man at top right eating a boot (symbolizing the military): Delicious
Phi Nooring: Return the happiness to whom?
A mouse: They don’t sympathize with the labors.
[Criticizes the junta for scrapping the minimum wage increases enacted by the previous government. On the other hand, they are planning to increase the salaries and welfare benefits of civil servants.]

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