Different Tears (and a note to pro-Thaksin sites)
น้ำตาที่แตกต่าง (และข้อความถึงเว็บไซด์ที่ชอบทักษิณ)

From Thairath, November 12, 2011
The cartoon title reads: Tears: Honor and Prestige
Left: She cries because she is sympathizing with the people. [‘She’ is PM Yingluck.]
Right: He cries because he is sympathizing with the people who ordered the killings of his own people. [‘He’ is probably Suthep Thaugsuban]
Sign reads: Ratchaprasong
Left mouse: Crocodile tears
Right mouse: Thai unity for fighting the flood crisis

[Note to pro-Thaksin sites who copy all of these Sia cartoons onto their sites: You really should cite 2Bangkok.com for the translation and explanation of the cartoons. It would be also interesting to put some of the Manager cartoons (showing a very opposite viewpoint) on your sites as well to provoke discussion and debate.]

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