Defending the Homeland

From Manager, April 19, 2013
Hor Namhong: I didn’t expect that Virachai will fight to the death to protect his motherland. [Hor Namhong is Minister of Cambodia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.]
Premier Yingluck Shinawatra: Chooo… Don’t cheer or Cambodian people will become angry!
Caption: Old Hor just realizes now that not every Thai is a traitor.

[Refers to the international court case over Preah Vihear between Thailand and Cambodia. The subtext of the entire struggle is the belief that, during Thaksin’s time as PM, he used his personal diplomacy skills to strike a deal with Hun Sen. The deal was allegedly that Thailand would give up claims to Preah Vihear and, in exchange, Thaksin’s family business entities would receive valuable concessions. This belief makes the opposition skeptical that the government really wants the Preah Vihear ruling to be in Thailand’s favor.]

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