Dark influences outside of the system

From Thairath, October 15, 2013
Cartoon title: New person… same heart
On giant left arm: The coup’s legacy
On giant right arm: Dark influences outside of the system
On chair: Election Commission
On blindfold: Double standard
Paper in right hand of man: An order
On sword blade: Take care of politicians
On he hooded figure’s robe: Order to suppress the people; 100 dead bodies
Phi Nooring: Looking for a chance to wag the government
Mouse: Justice made to order

[The cartoon contends that the independent organizations enshrined in the 1997 and 2006 constitutions are not independent at all and might be used to attack the government. The Election Commission has repeatedly come under literal siege by the Red Shirts in an attempt to make sure it does not rule against the government at key times.]

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