It is all a conspiracy

From Manager, December 17, 2012
On the left, Deputy PM Chalerm whispers into DSI’s Director General, Tharit Pengdit’s ear: Play tough… fooling the Red Shirts and Thaksin
On the right, former Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thuaksuban whispers to former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva: I know it’s just a play… but we’ve to follow them for sympathy from our groupies.
On left, red buffaloes representing Thaksin supporters: Kill them…
At right, cockroaches representing Democrat Party supporters: Boo…

[This refers to the Department of Special Investigation’s cases against Abhisit and Suthep in connection with the Red Shirt protests in 2010.
This sort of sentiment is common in the Thai world–that the political dramas we see in public are really fake. The real decisions are negotiated behind the scenes as the wealthy elite joust for power and divvy up the spoils of the nation.
It also reflects the skepticism from the publisher of this cartoon–the Manager Group–that the Democrat Party will really oppose a Thaksin return or is acting in the best interests of the nation.]

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