Complaints about Yingluck’s escape

From Manager, October 1, 2017
Title of the cartoon inside a box on the top: That’s what I said… [yellow] Bancha/Kamanin [the authors]
Left, Interpol officer: Do you have any clue about this criminal who you want us to help arrest?
Person on the line: Yes…
Right: Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaichinda: When we were driving her to her escape, she said she would fly to Dubai to stay with her elder brother.

[The public assumes the junta purposely arranged for Yingluck to flee the country as jailing her is impossible. People of that level do not allow themselves to be subjected to legal rulings in the same way common people do. The loss of face would be overwhelming and would likely mean active unrest against the junta ordered by an irate Thaksin. Thus, the supposed surprise of junta officials over Yingluck’s escape is viewed with scorn.
For the junta, a sedate exile in Dubai for Yingluck is palatable and the cartoonist assumes this is what the junta had in mind when they made the deal to let Yingluck flee.
However, making a high-profile bid for political amnesty in London (as has been recently rumored) is a different matter and tends to embarrass the military.
The cartoonist jokes that the government’s complaint to Interpol is really over the fact that Yingluck failed to keep her end of the bargain and is intent on embarrassing the junta.]

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