Closing down the mine

From Thairath, August 30, 2017
Title: Spread them instead of gold.
Tractor: Section 44 to close the mine.
On soldier: Return happiness [the junta’s motto]
On the bag being emptied: Stupid fees from people’s taxes.
On bag next to the man: Stupid fees from gold mine.
Mouse man: Use your own money.
Mouse: Doing the wrong things repeatedly.

[This ridicules the junta for using its absolute power under Section 44 to close down a controversial gold mine operated by Akara Resources. The site had long been accused by local residents creating pollution. Apparently the junta saw a chance to score points with the public but summarily closing the mine–thus cutting through the red tape and influential person who often stall any action against polluters.
However, the result of the mine closure has led to rumors that the mining company demanded compensation for the closure and that this money would come from the taxpayer. Thus, the cartoonist is saying that the junta is foolishly wasting taxpayer funds by precipitously closing the mine, not realizing compensation would have to be paid.]

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