Claim: Foreigners being killed in Thailand to sell their travel documents

[Attacking Thai tourism, anti-monarchy books, references to Thailand’s “bloody coup”–all of this is part of the pressure that is being gradually applied to the junta as it creates a new constitution to stage-manage eventual elections to prevent a Thaksin return to power.
The same sort of pressure was applied in the run up to the 2011 elections and this time the message will be the same as it was then–the country is in crisis and needs democracy, if not revolution.]

You Might Die Visiting Thailand Which Has Become Terrifyingly Dangerous –, November 18, 2014
…John Stapleton has visited Thailand numerous times since the 1970’s and has lived on the island since 2010, though is aware of the increasing violence which has seen over 1,000 British tourists die since 2011. Needless to say it’s a terrifying situation and one that doesn’t look to be improving since Stapleton alleges inside corruption with the local police departments.
Why exactly are so many tourists experiencing such? According to Stapleton, passports (among other items) of travelers can be sold on the black market for thousands of dollars, a significant sum in Thailand for those struggling with poverty.


Above: Daily Mail alerts its readers to the “bloody coup” that occurred in Thailand in May

Thailand ‘one of the most dangerous tourist destinations on Earth’: Expat investigation lifts lid on dark side of the Land of Smiles – Daily Mail, November 15, 2014
…He added: ‘Unfortunately, with millions of tourists besieging the country, the locals’ response to foreigners has gone from curiosity to contempt.
‘Overwhelmed with millions of tourists, many of whom appear to save their worst behaviour for the streets and bars of Thailand, cries of “Mai Chop Farang”, I don’t like foreigners, and “Thailand is for Thais” can be heard from one end of the country to the other…

More: Thailand danger claim ‘exaggerated’ – Telegraph, November 17, 2014
…Stapleton recognizes that “the poor behaviour of countless drunken Westerners” is often to blame for anti-Western feeling that he claims is rife in the country but his self-published book still claims to tell some “unpalatable truths” about the state of Thailand’s tourist industry, “its chaotic development” since the 1960s, and the “high number of deaths of tourists and mishaps befalling foreigners.”
But Ms Cooke also pointed out that accidents, robberies and deaths are not exclusive to Thailand, and affect tourists travelling all over the world. “John Stapleton’s book title is an exaggeration and we are certain that those who come across this book will conclude themselves that Thailand is by no means the ‘most dangerous’ country in the world to visit,” she said…

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