Civil War


From Thairath, May 4, 2016
Title: Against the extension of power
On the left, small papers all together can be read as: “Asking for the rights of Thais” and “Release our friends” [referring to the Facebook 8 who are accused of being paid by Red Shirt leaders to mock the Prime Minister]
On the right the soldiers are saying: Carry [The word ‘carry’ is also slang in Thai meaning to be captured illegally by someone who has power. This implies the military will steal the rights or perhaps rig the charter voting.]
On a ballot box: Shut-up referendum [meaning people are not allowed to campaign for or against the charter]
Phi Nooring: It seems like watching a long movie’s story.
Mouse: Violate rights

[Playing on the title of “Captain America: Civil War,” the allusion to a rift between people is probably going to be an emerging theme over the coming months.
If the restrictive new charter is passed (and if it passes by one vote the junta will claim victory and continue on), future attempts by Thaksin for a political return appear doomed.]

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