Chuan rolls out the red carpet for the junta

From Thairath, May 28, 2019
Title: An honored job for a person who trusts in the parliamentary system. [this is a sarcastic dig at Chuan Leepai rolling out a carpet for the junta chief to remain in power]
On the chair: PM who continues in power
Democrat leader Abhisit as the hooded figure of death: We want to break our promise for the country.

[Refers to House Speaker Chuan Leekpai from the Democrat Party. He took the post of house speaker which will be critical in maintaining control of the body and smooth the way for the military to maintain control of politics.
This cartoon ridicules the Democrat Party for breaking their promise by joining the pro-junta party Palang Pracharath Party to form the government.
At the bottom left is a tribute to Privy Council president and statesman Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda.]

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