Child Angel for the Democrats


From Arun, January 27, 2016
Kon la rueng diew gun (This phrase means something like “different stories, but sometimes these can come together.” Here it shows the combination of the resignation of Bhichai and the “Child Angel” doll phenomenon.)
“Pu’ Bhichai” resign from the party. Feels depressed–not the same.
“Thai Smile” sells seat for “child angel.”

[Bhichai Rattakul (at left) has long supported the Democratic Party, but decided to leave the party two months ago because he thinks former PM Abhisit has created too many fractures in the party.
Former Democrat Party leader Chuan sits as right with a “child angel” doll that looks like Abhisit next to him. Perhaps this means how Abhisit is some sort of special political doll maintained by party elders like Chuan.]

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