Cheesecake at the U.S. embassy

From Manager September 14, 2020
Left: What do you feed him? Why, it grows up bigger than the country.
Right: Cheesecake

[Refers the leader of student protests, Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak.
Parit and his reform group met at the U.S. embassy in the past and were photographed with the U.S. ambassador being served cheesecake.
Some in the media have claimed that these meetings prove that Penguin’s monarchy reform group is supported by the U.S. government and that the U.S. government wishes to replace Thailand’s present system of government with a republic.
The U.S. embassy has denied they are specifically supporting Parit and contend they just periodically meet with various groups from Thai society.
Photos of Parit at the embassy meetings have been mocked in the Thai media for the cheesecake aspect, poking fun at Parit’s girth. This is compared in the cartoon to his alleged overconfidence in taking on a subject like reforming the monarchy.]

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