Chavalit will make the change with bombs

From Naewna, October 4, 2018
Thanathorn: I will use the idea of “Thailand 2X.” Equality–equal with the world to change the country…
The globe: You are good only using the beautiful words for your campaign, but you keep up with old man Jiew. He use only 20 people to change Thailand.
Above baby Jiew: Idea of bombing to make chaos in the country
Caption: An innocent young man beat the old codger.

[Refers to Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit who promoted the idea of Thailand 2X to promote equality among Thais and make the country become equal with others to compete in the international world.
This cartoon jokes that even thought he has bright ideas, his political experience is childish compared to veteran former PM Chavalit “Jiew” Yongchaiyudh.
Chavalit recently called on His Majesty the King to remove the junta to prevent the country from descending into chaos. Chavalit suggested that another option would be to order 20 people to bomb many places in the country to create chaos and remove the NCPO, but this option was impossible to do.
Such remarks have been typical of Chavalit who has consistently raised the political pressure on Thaksin’s behalf at various times.
In Thai, “old codger” is เฒ่าทารก which combines with the word ‘เฒ่า’ (old) and ‘ทารก’ (baby). That’s why the cartoon illustrates Chavalit as a baby.
The portrayal of the globe perhaps reflects a certain Thai feeling that foreign powers are hostile to its customs and especially its monarchy. The pronounced nose here and in other Thai editorial cartoons could possibly be interpreted as a racist portrayal indicating Jewish people.]

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